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The Tories are leading a government of wasteful spending and inefficient policies

Ever since the General election the Conservatives have attempted to brand Labour as the party which is known for wasteful expenditure. Similarly they have sought to represent their own party and the coalition government more generally as a highly efficient operation which is not wasting public money. This has been one of the central tenets of the public discourse about politics and the economy for more than two years and the Conservative approach to this matter has found a widespread echo in the media.

But the truth is that this widely accepted representation of public expenditure and the relative position of each of the political parties was almost wholly incorrect.

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The Tory-led Government’s failures are costing this country dear

Jon Trickett MP, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, responding to the Government’s claim to be cutting the cost of government said:

“For all their talk of savings, this Tory-led Government’s failures are costing this country dear. David Cameron and George Osborne have delivered a double-dip recession made in Downing Street, and they are already having to borrow £150 billion more than they planned over the Parliament – the cost of their failed economic plan.

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Yet another example of this Government’s outrageous stifling of innovation

Just this week I was contacted by a constituent who has set up a successful and viable small enterprise, working hard to achieve this over the past five years.

Despite this innovation and the potential growth such an enterprise could deliver, finding the capital needed to invest has proved virtually impossible due to the barriers and complete disregard the Tory-led Government has shown towards small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

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