Shocking numbers of young people out of work

I have been out all day in my constituency electioneering. 

One thing is certain to make my blood boil.  It is young people being forced on to the dole queues as a direct result of the Government’s out of touch and damaging policies. 

Sadly, walking around the streets, it is the one thing which reminds of the 1980’s and 1990’s under Mrs Thatcher when a whole generation were abandoned to the dole.  But now the children of those people are facing the same fate as their mams and dads. Once again it is  the Tory government punishing the young in mining areas.

In my constituency alone, more than 4 out of  10 people on JSA are under 24 years old. In South Kirkby the comparable figure  is 39% and in South Elmsall it is 38%.

This is way over the national average which is still 3 out of 10.

In total there are over one million people  under 24 who are out work.  It is a total disgrace that this Tory and LibDem Government should preside over a failing economy which is hurting everyone but hurting young people in particular.

They should not be forgiven. Especially because in the recent Budget they have just cut the taxes to the rich which means that someone earning £5 million will get a tax cut of £240,000 per year.  That money could and should be used to help people in difficulty rather than helping the richest get even richer.


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